My Love For The Oral B 7000 Electric Toothbrush

Why I love The Oral B 7000 Electric Toothbrush

If you read my story, maybe it would affect your situation in the most positive way. I was unemployed for about two years, and I almost became homeless, and the most painful thing was to lose was my electric toothbrush. The device just conked out, and that was that. Well, it served me well in college, and lasted over ten years. Yes, I know some of you say wow, but I tend to be on the frugal side of things, and do not like keeping up with the next door neighbor. Anyway, I have a decent job now and it pays substantially more than I thought I could ever make. I decided to splurge on a new electric toothbrush, and the process got my friend that owns this blog laughing hysterically. He insisted I must write about my experience for his blog visitors to read about.

My purchasing process

It took me about 7 days and 12 hours to make a decision about the best electrical toothbrush to buy. I would admit, I wasted tons of time just to safe a few dollars, but the bad part is the incompetence among the sales staff at some of the remaining retail establishments in America. It’s like, some people just help you with an attitude, as if they’re doing you a favor. Here was the chronicle of my journey:

Day 1

I visited my local Best buy store, and started browsing around. I noticed they had a lot of staff members doing absolutely nothing. Apart from the greeter at the door, no one approached me for a whole ten minutes. I noticed several employees with the obvious uniforms having a heated argument about personal stuff. Poor service is one of the biggest reasons why retail stores are dying by the dozens daily. I finally approached an employee for help, his exact words, give me one minute and I would get someone to help you. The help took six minutes to arrive, and her attitude was so bad our conversation lasted only two minutes. Here was our dialogue for all to read;

Customer – Me: Can you please direct me to the electric toothbrush section.

Employee: Well, I guess it’s over around that corner, but i am not sure, because that is not my section to manage. Hold on one minute she said, while screaming across the shopping hall at another employee called Larry. Larry where is the toothbrush section, this customers wants to know? Larry told her in no uncertain terms, that she should find it herself and that he was busy.

Customer – Me: By now I was clearly embarrassed, as I did not want the whole store to know what I came their to buy. She proceeded to scream profanities at Larry that I could clearly hear.

Employee: Some people don’t wanna work and help customers. Sir, if you work around that corner, and I am sure someone in that section would give you better directions.I finally stormed out of the store without spending any money, and wandered why an established store would have disorganization and chaos on a retail floor. I went home, and looked at my manual toothbrush. I know some of you might say, why didn’t you check online, but I have no computer at home except at work, At work our internet sessions are logged, and probably monitored.

Day 2

I finally decided to give another dept store a try, this time Macys. The sores looked well organized, and the help was a little bit more friendly in the beginning. I soon discovered most of the employees are clueless as to what floor each product is located. I got a few run around, from been passed from one employee to another for the right direction. After about 14 minutes, I finally found the right dept but soon discovered they did not have the electric toothbrush I wanted, which is the Oral B 7000 by Braun. An employee suggested I go to Macys online and see if they have more in stock. What a bunch of incompetent fools, I thought to myself.

Day 3

I visited PC Richards electronics store, and the treatment was the same. Non-lackadaisical attitude from people paid to represent and make the company money. Don’t they know they would be out of a job if the company folds!

Day 4, 5, 6

Almost the same scenario of running from one store to another, and yet no luck in finding what I was looking for. Luckily, I got an email from my girlfriend who is a fashion model promising to bring her laptop to my place the next evening.

Day 7

When I said I was frugal, I meant it literally. I hate to do binge shopping, and I always carefully analyze what I need to buy. I bought something once at, and that was five years ago. To my surprise, my account was still active, but I just needed to change my email. To my surprise, the Oral B 7000 Electric Toothbrush I wanted was right there, and it was listed at a price that was at least 40% cheaper than what Macys would have sold it for, if they had one in stock. It also came with free shipping. At the same time, i bought myself a nice laptop, and other apartment essentials that I have been holding off on.

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My Brief review of the Braun oral b black 7000 Toothbrush

The packaging was indeed excellent, and that made me marvel at the efficiency of that online giant retail site. The ergonomic design of the product was pleasing to handle, and I knew I made the right decision once it was placed on the charging base.This electric toothbrush from Braun has unique features that allows it to pulsate, oscillate and rotate. I soon discovered the cleaning powered is at least 100 percent better than what I experienced with my high end manual toothbrush.

It comes with a rechargeable battery system, and you’re able to program six customized cleaning modes, for your oral hygiene needs. If you can get your hands on one, try the deep cleaning mode and tongue scrapper mode, for the best teeth cleaning results.Included in my delivery package was the Rechargeable Toothbrush Handle, a convenient charging station, a useful smartguide that’s also wireless, 3 unique brush heads with specific functions, and a well crafted travel case, just in case I decide to take a vacation some day.

My Conclusion

At the least, I wasted much resources searching for a product that was readily available online. My aversion to spending money for little life pleasures became a problem in itself. My close brush with total destitution made me spend-thrift to the extreme end. I am still frugal, but I have adjusted my ways to get the simple things I need to make life livable.

My experience at the mentioned stores should not be a reflection on all the employees, but some of those retail stores need to retrain a great majority of their staff, or they would simply fold in a few years. What is killing retail stores is the shopping experience, not low prices from online stores. The customer should not be treated like a non-entity, while at the store to spend money.

My experience at Amazon was incredibly positive, and it’s now my favorite destination for everything I need. I work too hard for my money, to be made a fool of, while just trying to buy my own Braun Oral B 7000 toothbrush. It all worked out well at the end, as I now have a superb destination for most of my shopping needs, while also getting the lowest price possible.

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Anne Dysart
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