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These are the Most Hipster and Trendy Electric Toothbrush – 2020 Edition

Welcome to the stylish era of hipster toothbrushes. You will find detailed reviews and experience using trendy toothbrushes such as Quip, Boie, Amabrush, and Issa among others.

Which are those hipster toothbrushes? I’m not talking about the toothbrushes used by Kim and Kanye, or those that appear in last vines and instagrams of Miley Cirus or Harry Styles. Beyond the celebrity gossip, you’ve also felt an avalanche of stylish, well-designed, futuristic and cool toothbrushes. Names like Quip, Issa or Boie are the young stars of the dental care world.

Behind all these innovations, careful design work has been developed. Then it’s not a surprise to have new toothbrushes with very polished aesthetic attributes and strong usability features. Thus, some people feel the need to show their new dental gadget in social media.

I am very confident that it’s great news that oral health companies have also stepped into the world of user experience.

In this post, I’ll show you what are those cool toothbrushes you can buy on the market. I will review both their design features and how they work. In other words, I will answer the common question: are they just good looking or are they effective for keeping a bright smile? At the end of the article, I will give you information on how to get your favorite toothbrush and then have a chic product to display your bathroom.

Complete list of trendy toothbrushes

What are those hipster toothbrushes? I prepared a comprehensive catalog of alternatives, more than 10 products. But I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many options. First, I chose the best trendy toothbrushes available:

quip toothbrush

The Quip. This compact, clean-designed and modern electric toothbrush is maybe the best-known toothbrush in this list. It’s produced by Quip company, a start-up in NYC.

issa toothbrush

The ISSA by Foreo. Another beautiful and ultra-hygienic electric toothbrush. Looks like a fashion accessory in mint or lavender.


The Amabrush. Yes, that’s not the way a toothbrush usually looks. It has a completely disruptive design because the reinvent how we use the toothbrush. This innovative product is the answer to this question: Could we brush all our teeth at once?

boie toothbrush

The Boie. A traditional toothbrush for the 21st century. Basic manual toothbrush with replaceable heads. Simple, clean, good-looking and even cheap.

This is just a panoramic view of the best well-designed toothbrushes of today. In the next part, we will review in detail each of these contenders. But before that, this is the list of other very interesting options for cool toothbrushes:

Our simplicity pick: The Quip electric toothbrush

Aluminum Quip

This is the child of the Quip company, a start-up in New York. And the Quip toothbrush looks great. Quip toothbrushes come in different colors and are sold through a subscription service. So you ask a toothbrush and, if you wish, every three months or so, they will send you a new head and toothpaste.

When you arrive, you get your toothbrush and a holder in a travel case, like a travel tube, and some toothpaste. Let’s talk about the experience with Quip. The handle is aluminum and feels surprisingly well done. The metal handles look really nice. Just inside there is a motor and a battery in a very small metal tube. They did a very good job on the aesthetics. The holder doesn’t use adhesive tape, it’s actually a reusable suction mechanism, very easy to install and if you ever want to remove it, you can do it. It’s easy to clean too.

The most important innovation is how the vibrations get to the bristles. It’s a stronger vibration in the head that does a good job cleaning your teeth. Use a triple battery that lasts about three months. And you could use a rechargeable battery with no problem. The heads of the brushes have soft rubber bristles around the edge and it doesn’t spin, it vibrates when you brush. Quip electric toothbrush gives a truly solid brushing experience. Actually, it feels like any vibrating toothbrush from a top brand, but it looks a lot prettier.

The most stylish: The Issa electric toothbrush by Foreo

issa toothbrush
Issa Toothbrush by Foreo

The Issa by Foreo it’s a beautiful, vibrant, silicone-based toothbrush. The lavender it’s so girly and very bright. You could get the Issa also in cobalt blue, mint or cool black. It comes in clean packaging, it almost looks like Apple’s packaging.

You don’t have to change the brush heads for an entire year, and this is extremely hygienic because of the bristles. They are made of non-porous silicone that resists bacteria buildup. Foreo affirms that ISSA electric toothbrush carries up “to 10,000 times less bacteria than other toothbrushes”. That’s amazing.

When you brush your teeth it pulsates. It felt like it was massaging your gums, and if you have sensitive gums, the silicone bristles don’t irritate them.

It is really easy to clean also. You just run it under warm water and simply massage to loosen up any toothpaste or anything that might be stuck inside.

Issa by Foreo

The real future now: The Amabrush electric toothbrush review

Futuristic Amabrush

The Amabrush looks like coming from science fiction. This toothbrush just takes ten seconds to brush your teeth! Yes, you read it well, 10 seconds. It’s the result of a complete reinvention of how to automatically brush the teeth. So automatic toothbrushes could be the next generation of toothbrushes.

This automatic toothbrush clean teeth all at once. According to the designer and founder Marvin Musialek, “It contains three different components. The first one is the mouthpiece. It has the form of our moth mouth with all the bristles. The second part its the handler piece that contains all the electronics, the micropump and everything else. And (finally) we have the toothpaste parts. They come prefilled, in three different flavors. So that everything comes with this system like toothpaste and toothbrush, bristles and the mechanic, the parts and the electronics”.

With a regular toothbrush, you brush your teeth for around one hundred twenty seconds. You have 32 teeth with three surfaces to clean. Then you will brush each surface for 1.2 seconds. With the amabrush, you brush every surface for 10 seconds. This revolutionary toothbrush cleans all surfaces simultaneously. So it gives you a cleaner experience and 12 times faster.

The minimalist option: The Boie toothbrush review

boie toothbrush
Boie Toothbrush

The Boie is the only manual toothbrush of our final selection. The unique thing about this toothbrush is that it doesn’t have the fiber or bristles that we’re all used to. Instead, it’s got a rubberized bristle system. They’re anti-microbial and made by medical grade rubber. The heads are interchangeable. The form factor is quite good. It’s a fairly light toothbrush on.

Let’s talk about using the Bowie toothbrush. You’re supposed to put just a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush. Contrary to how toothpaste commercials do it where they want you to use a lot of their toothpaste. The bristles definitely feel a lot different on the gums. It’s definitely a lot softer. It has tongue scraper on the back.

The Boie toothbrush last two times more than traditional manual toothbrushes. It’s entirely recyclable and BPA-Free. So it’s a very good alternative for the eco-friendly and minimalist user. And like the other contenders, it’s a really hipster toothbrush.

There you go, more than a dozen new well-designed toothbrushes. Also, they’re innovative in their capacity to improve your smile. Welcome to the stylish era of hipster toothbrushes. It’s time to jump into this new generation of home dental care.

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